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"White Ocean" featuring Chrissy DePauw, starring Chris Pine and Emma McKie from The Ivy Walls album Pheromones (1).jpg


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It was 24/7 music from the minute I graduated high school. It was exhilarating and I had some pretty cool things happen like songs in major motion pictures,  tours and sharing stages with some A-list artists. I then got married to the super handsome bass player of The Ivy Walls and ended up singing on many songs on his band's albums. I released an acoustic album, a solo album and even had a duo project of my own named ArtPeace with the most ridiculously talented Grammy and Oscar nominated songwriter Taura Stinson. But when things kept not panning out the way I hoped, the feeling of defeat set in and I slowly started putting music on the back burner. Several years just flew right by. Then my niece was diagnosed with Leukemia. I dusted off my ukulele and started singing her favorite songs to her in the hospital. Her eyes would light up and I started to remember the power of music. When we would receive scares with her health, I would think to myself if anything were to happen to her I don't think I could ever sing again. Then the worst happened. It was truly one of the most devastating things I’ve ever experienced, but an interesting thing followed. I was given a renewed understanding that life is so so short and we have to honor our gifts and passions. We have the option to leave this earth with as few regrets as possible. We have to live our best life. In my best life, I will always make music. 


The true beauty of music is that it connects people.
— Roy Ayers